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E&G Quaternary Science Journal An open-access journal of the German Quaternary Association
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30 Oct 2020
Proposing a new conceptual model for the reconstruction of ice dynamics in the SW sector of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet (SIS) based on the reinterpretation of published data and new evidence from optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating
Christopher Lüthgens, Jacob Hardt, and Margot Böse
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 201–223,,, 2020
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21 Oct 2020
Cave finds indicate elk (Alces alces) hunting during the Late Iron Age in the Bavarian Alps
Kerstin Pasda, Matthias López Correa, Philipp Stojakowits, Bernhard Häck, Jérôme Prieto, Najat al-Fudhaili, and Christoph Mayr
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 187–200,,, 2020
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13 Oct 2020
Reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental variability based on an inter-comparison of four lacustrine archives on the Peloponnese (Greece) for the last 5000 years
Joana Seguin, Pavlos Avramidis, Annette Haug, Torben Kessler, Arndt Schimmelmann, and Ingmar Unkel
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 165–186,,, 2020
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13 Oct 2020
Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction on the basis of Quaternary palaeo dune sequences on Fuerteventura
Christopher-Bastian Roettig
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 161–163,,, 2020
08 Oct 2020
A 2600-year high-resolution climate record from Lake Trichonida (SW Greece)
Joana Seguin, Pavlos Avramidis, Walter Dörfler, Alexandros Emmanouilidis, and Ingmar Unkel
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 139–160,,, 2020
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25 Sep 2020
Anthropogenic and climate signals in late-Holocene peat layers of an ombrotrophic bog in the Styrian Enns valley (Austrian Alps)
Wolfgang Knierzinger, Ruth Drescher-Schneider, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Simon Drollinger, Andreas Limbeck, Lukas Brunnbauer, Felix Horak, Daniela Festi, and Michael Wagreich
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 121–137,,, 2020
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28 Aug 2020
Der späteiszeitliche Tüttensee-Komplex als Ergebnis der Abschmelzgeschichte am Ostrand des Chiemsee-Gletschers und sein Bezug zum „Chiemgau Impakt“ (Landkreis Traunstein, Oberbayern)
Robert Huber, Robert Darga, and Hans Lauterbach
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 93–120,,, 2020
CC BY 4.0
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