Special issues

Celebrating 70 years of E&G: tributes, 2021
Eds. Frank Preusser, Markus Fuchs, and Christine Thiel
Geoarchaeology and past human–environment interactions, 2019
Eds. Hans von Suchodoletz, Stefanie Berg, Lukas Werther, Christoph Zielhofer, and Eileen Eckmeier
Geoarchaeology of the Nile Delta, 2020
Eds. Julia Meister, Eva Lange-Athinodorou, and Tobias Ullmann
Quaternary research from and inspired by the first virtual DEUQUA conference, 2022
Eds. Julia Meister, Hans von Suchodoletz, and Christian Zeeden
Quaternary research in times of change – inspired by INQUA Roma 2023, 2023
Eds. Gilles Rixhon, Julia Meister, and Ingmar Unkel
Subglacial erosional landforms and their relevance for the long-term safety of a radioactive waste repository, 2022
Eds. Jörg Lang, Anke Bebiolka, Sonja Breuer, and Maximilian Pfaff
CC BY 4.0