Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
01 Nov 1964
 | 01 Nov 1964

Noch einmal: „Erdkegel": Einige Ergänzungen zu den Beobachtungen von G. SELZER (1959)

Gerhard Hard

Abstract. The existence of "earth-cones" (Erdkegel) in the region of the lower Blies valley has already been mentioned by G. Selzer (1959). By examining the variations of the soil profile the author succeeded in reconstructing the soilmovements resulting in the formation of the earth-cones without being forced to observe these movements themselves. — The article contains observations concerning the special distribution, the shape and the vegetation cover of the earth-cones, which are very frequent in the lower Blies region (Bliesgau). These observations permit to draw further conclusions as to the conditions under which these earth-cones are formed.