Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
01 Nov 1964
 | 01 Nov 1964

Beiträge zur Kenntnis spät- und postglazialer Akkumulation im nördlichen Alpenvorland

Rüdiger German and Paul Filzer

Abstract. Late and postglazial profiles of the prealpine belt from periglacial and glaci-fluvial valleys are described. The time of sedimentation can be fixed by the radio carbon method and by pollen analysis. In this manner we can prove several accumulation phases in the Late- and Postglazial. They are found in stages II, III, and IV as defined by Brunnacker (1960, P. 86), and/or in the pollen zones III, V, and VIII. Some localities indicate a new accumulation phase about 6600 years B. P. in the pollen zone VI. These young accumulations in our valleys extend to several meters. For reconstruction of the river work and the history of the climate in the Holocene it is very important to examine the young valley sedimentation with all possibilities of quaternary sciences.