Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
01 Nov 1964
 | 01 Nov 1964

Über erste postglaziale Bodenbildung, nach einem Vergleich der Bodenbildung in Skandinavien und im deutschen Raum

Eberhard Ostendorff

Abstract. The most important soils of Scandinavia are compared with those of Germany. In Scandinavia the formation of soil can be traced back from the presence (at the Svartisen) until some 10 000 years ago, and this may be based as well on wet as on dry soils. A special feature in Skandinavia is a very soft Brown Earth. Very much the same soil can be found in Germany, but only on lateglacial sediments of the late Dryas-age. Both are of almost the same age. They are alike in their character of sediment and content of carbonate. Therefore this type may probably be considered as the first important formation of soils under wood on sandy grounds in Germany.