Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
15 Dec 1966
 | 15 Dec 1966

Ein speläochronologischer Beitrag zur postglazialen Klimageschichte

Herbert W. Franke

Abstract. Secondary calcium carbonate sediments in caves offer good presuppositions for the application of radio carbon dating. Some results of measurements on stalagmites are reported; they were received by the C14-Laboratory of the 2. Physikalisches Institut, University Heidelberg. If for secondary calcium carbonate a recent standard of 85% is assumed, the growth periods of the examined stalagmites lie within the postglazial climatic optimum. That strengthens the opinion that growth limits of sediment generations are time marks for phases of climatic changes. The situation will be examined in a planned series of measurements which should result in C14-dates for the postglacial history of climate.