Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
15 Dec 1966
 | 15 Dec 1966

Halsbandlemmingreste aus einer Oberen Mittelterrasse des Rheins bei Niederaußem

Florian Heller and Karl Brunnacker

Abstract. From a depth of 33 meters of one of the Upper Middle Terraces (Obere Mittelterasse) of the Rhine near Cologne comes a small collection of remains of voles all belonging to an arctic-lemming-form, which remarkably differs from the two late Quaternary species of Dicrostonyx henseli Hinton and D.gulielmi Sanford occuring in Europe by a more simple construction of the enamel pattern of the molars. A name is not yet given to this appartently new species. The respective literature was checked in order to clear the question of the time of appearing of the genus Dicrostonyx in the European Quaternary. It can be said with security that Dicrostonyx in the Quaternary-profile of Niederaußem, representing deposits of the Riss – more probable even of an older glaciation — are in this connexion of great importance.