Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
31 Dec 1967
 | 31 Dec 1967

Halbierte Höhlenbärenfersen aus Westfalen und Süddeutschland.

Karl Brandt

Abstract. Five halved heel bones (Calcaneum) of the cave bear are described from the Balver-Höhle in southern Westphalia. Similar finds out of three different caves in southern Germany are mentioned for comparison. The question is whether these remains are the liftovers of a hyena's spoils or artifacts. As there are no traces of feeding damage such as the scratch marks of eye teeth, the author suggests, though with reserve, that these remains could be artifacts. Additionally he believes that the marks of blows delivered by sharp stones are to be made out on the pieces of bone. If a definite use is sought for the bones they could have been employed as skin posilhers; or they might have been used as play pieces or kept as hunting trophies. They could even have been threaded to make a necklace of some sort. Whatever the explanation similar halved heel bones could surely be found in many old museum collections.