Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
31 Dec 1967
 | 31 Dec 1967

Vogesen- und Schwarzwald-Kare

Adolf Zienert and Fritz Fezer

Abstract. In the Vosges and the Black Forest there are many glacial cirques. Using statistical methods regarding the altitude of their floors and the exposition of the whole forms, four groups can be destinguished. Because of the parallelism between these groups and the well-known four "Würm"-stadials of the glaciers in the southern part of the Black Forest, they can be related to each other. On the second hand there is the opportunity to relate indirectly (of course only, if proved in the terrain) all other moraines connected with the fully developed glacial cirques. In this conduct the "Würm"-glacial history of the glacial cirques and the valleys in the northern part of the Black Forest could be clarified. Otherwise it is possible to guess relatively correct, where up to now unknown moraines beneath fully developed glacial cirques in the southern part of the Black Forest and especially the Vosges should be located.