Articles | Volume 46, issue 1
01 Jan 1996
 | 01 Jan 1996

Mengenbestimmung der jungen Abtragungsprodukte des Thüringer Waldes am Beispiel des Weser-Fluß-Systems

Martin Rausch

Abstract. Analysis of pebble samples taken from terrace deposits of the Weser-River-System was applied to estimate the extent of young Thuringian Forest erosion. From the amount of Thuringian Forest material in the terrace deposits and the supposed dimension of the erosion area it can be calculated that within the last 200.000 years a hard rock layer of at least 50 m thickness was eroded. Assuming a constant altitude of the Thuringian Forest this means a tectonical uplift of approx. 1/4 mm per year. This results does not fit with the actual tectonical assumptions on the area and, therefore, should be discussed critically.