Articles | Volume 56, issue 3
01 Sep 2007
 | 01 Sep 2007

Korrelation von mittelpleistozänen Löss-/Paläobodensequenzen in Oberösterreich mit einer marinen Sauerstoffisotopenkurve

Birgit Terhorst

Abstract. Three profiles of Middle Pleistocene covering layers on top of fluvioglacial terraces of the Traun-Ems-Plate are recorded in the region of Wels representing characteristic Middle Pleistocene sequences for the Northern Alpine Foreland. The sequences comprise thick pedocomplexes, providing the opportunity to distinguish and to classify specific interglacial paleosols. The loess/paleosol sequence of Oberlaab developed on the top of the fluvioglacial terrace of the Mindel (Jüngere Deckenschotter) shows four interglacial paleosols. This fact suggests that the age of the terrace is at least the fifth to last glacial period, correlativ to OIS 12. The covering layers on top of the classical Günz terrace (Ältere Deckenschotter) in Neuhofen and Wels-Aschet include five paleosols. The intensity of pedogenesis of the basal pedocomplex is considerably more pronounced as in the overlying paleosols. Pedostratigraphical results point out that the genesis of the Günz terrace can be correlated to OIS 16 (minimum age).