Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
31 Dec 1967
 | 31 Dec 1967

Stratigraphische und geomorphologische Auswertung von Schuttdecken vor Muschelkalkschichtkämmen und -schichtstufen im niedersächsischen Bergland

Gerhard Bartels

Abstract. The subject of this research are slope sediments in front of ridges and cuestas built up by Triassic limestone (Muschelkalk) in the hilly southern part of Lower Saxony. The stratigraphical and geomorphological significance of the different layers is explained. The young Würm loess covers a limestone debris, generally without admixture of loess, or a series of limestone débris/clayey Roth detritus. These layers caused by solifluction, overlay a waste (limestone and Röth detritus), which in some horizons shows a remarkable content of loess. By analysing the sedimentary type of these older layers slope-wash debris frequently could be detected.