Articles | Volume 27, issue 1
01 Jan 1976
 | 01 Jan 1976

Ergebnisse paläomagnetischer Untersuchungen an quartären Sedimenten des Rhein-Main-Gebiets

Arno Semmel and Kurt Fromm

Abstract. First results of paleomagnetic investigations presently being carried out in the Rhine-Maine-Region on some stratigraphically important profiles are reported. The remanent magnetization of old-pleistocene fluvial clay sediments in the „Kelsterbacher Terrasse" is, with one exception, reverse, whereas in the cutting of the motorway Abenheim (northwest of Worms) and in the loess profile of the brickyard at Bad Soden am Taunus the transition from reverse to natural remanent magnetization could be found. The boundary between the Matuyama and Brunhes epoch in the profile Bad Soden am Taunus lies underneath the sixth, the Jaramillo Event under the seventh fossil B-horizon of a parabrown earth (lessivé).