Articles | Volume 27, issue 1
01 Jan 1976
 | 01 Jan 1976

Erste Hinweise auf eine pliozäne Donau in der östlichen Iller-Lech-Platte (Bayerisch Schwaben)

Lorenz Scheuenpflug

Abstract. Rounded stones of non-alpine origin, found in the south of the early pleistocene Danube current in the eastern Iller-Lech-Platte (plateau) are assumed to be displaced last remnants of gravel deposits, accumulated by a pliocene Danube. They give first references to her current about 35 or 40 km more southern. The Dinkelscherbener Altwasserscheide (old watershed), till now regarded as a tertiary remnant, can be formed not earlier than in the pleistocene and probably must not be elongated beyond the Staufenberg to NNE.