Articles | Volume 56, issue 4
01 Dec 2007
 | 01 Dec 2007

Weichselian red tills in the Gardno Phase End Moraine (Dębina Cliff) – criteria for distinction, origin and stratigraphic position, and implications for the origin and course of the Baltic Ice Stream

Jaroslaw Jasiewicz

Abstract. The paper presents the results of investigations of red tills from the South Baltic Middle Sea-Coast recorded in cliff exposures of Gardno Phase End Moraine. Distinctive features of these tills are: high percentage of Aland granitoids and porphyries identified in the 16-32 mm fraction, and large amounts of non-carbonate rocks, mostly red feldspars in relation to quartz, in the sandy fractions of 0,5-0,8 mm and 2-4 mm. Based on structural-textural features, the red till has been classified as flow till of local origin. The ice dynamism during Gardno Phase can be correlated with the Young Baltic Advance and most probably with the Belt Sea advance. On the basis of the petrographic properties of the Gardno red till and the results of radiocarbon dating, a new hypothesis regarding the origin, chronology and rate of flow of the Baltic Ice Stream is developed.