Articles | Volume 72, issue 2
09 Aug 2023
Preface |  | 09 Aug 2023

Preface: Quaternary research from and inspired by the first virtual DEUQUA conference

Julia Meister, Hans von Suchodoletz, and Christian Zeeden

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Lost and potentially found: the location of the “Temple of Hermes” at ancient Bubastis in the Nile Delta
Philipp Garbe, Amr Abd El-Raouf, Ashraf Es-Senussi, Eva Lange-Athinodorou, and Julia Meister
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 73, 95–99,,, 2024
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The impact of agriculture on tropical mountain soils in the western Peruvian Andes: a pedo-geoarchaeological study of terrace agricultural systems in the Laramate region (14.5° S)
Fernando Leceta, Christoph Binder, Christian Mader, Bertil Mächtle, Erik Marsh, Laura Dietrich, Markus Reindel, Bernhard Eitel, and Julia Meister
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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A new Google Earth Engine tool for spaceborne detection of buried palaeogeographical features – examples from the Nile Delta (Egypt)
Tobias Ullmann, Eric Möller, Roland Baumhauer, Eva Lange-Athinodorou, and Julia Meister
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 71, 243–247,,, 2022
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A pedo-geomorphological view on land use and its potential in the surroundings of the ancient Hispano-Roman city Munigua (Seville, SW Spain)
André Kirchner, Nico Herrmann, Paul Matras, Iris Müller, Julia Meister, and Thomas G. Schattner
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 71, 123–143,,, 2022
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Preface: Special issue “Geoarchaeology of the Nile Delta”
Julia Meister, Eva Lange-Athinodorou, and Tobias Ullmann
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 187–190,,, 2021
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