Articles | Volume 68, issue 2
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 68, 215–236, 2020

Special issue: Geoarchaeology and past human–environment interactions

E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 68, 215–236, 2020

Research article 09 Jan 2020

Research article | 09 Jan 2020

Sediment-filled karst depressions and riyad – key archaeological environments of south Qatar

Max Engel et al.

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Typhoon Haiyan's sedimentary record in coastal environments of the Philippines and its palaeotempestological implications
Dominik Brill, Simon Matthias May, Max Engel, Michelle Reyes, Anna Pint, Stephan Opitz, Manuel Dierick, Lia Anne Gonzalo, Sascha Esser, and Helmut Brückner
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 2799–2822,,, 2016
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Block and boulder transport in Eastern Samar (Philippines) during Supertyphoon Haiyan
S. M. May, M. Engel, D. Brill, C. Cuadra, A. M. F. Lagmay, J. Santiago, J. K. Suarez, M. Reyes, and H. Brückner
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 543–558,,, 2015
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Preface: Special issue “Geoarchaeology of the Nile Delta”
Julia Meister, Eva Lange-Athinodorou, and Tobias Ullmann
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 187–190,,, 2021
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Revisiting the subalpine Mesolithic site Ullafelsen in the Fotsch Valley, Stubai Alps, Austria – new insights into pedogenesis and landscape evolution from leaf-wax-derived n-alkanes, black carbon and radiocarbon dating
Michael Zech, Marcel Lerch, Marcel Bliedtner, Tobias Bromm, Fabian Seemann, Sönke Szidat, Gary Salazar, Roland Zech, Bruno Glaser, Jean Nicolas Haas, Dieter Schäfer, and Clemens Geitner
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 171–186,,, 2021
Reconstruction of former channel systems in the northwestern Nile Delta (Egypt) based on corings and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
Marina Altmeyer, Martin Seeliger, Andreas Ginau, Robert Schiestl, and Jürgen Wunderlich
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 151–164,,, 2021
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Sandhills, sandbanks, waterways, canals and sacred lakes at Sais in the Nile Delta
Penelope Wilson and Hosni Ghazala
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 129–143,,, 2021
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The late Holocene record of Lake Mareotis, Nile Delta, Egypt
Clément Flaux, Matthieu Giaime, Valérie Pichot, Nick Marriner, Mena el-Assal, Abel Guihou, Pierre Deschamps, Christelle Claude, and Christophe Morhange
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 70, 93–104,,, 2021
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